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Therapeutic Focus

Validating the Potential of VGT-309 in Solid Tumors

In Phase 1 and 2 clinical studies, VGT-309 was shown to be safe and well- tolerated at all doses studied. Other important clinical highlights included:


  • VGT-309 imaging identified visually non-discernable, non-palpable tumors in real time.


  • VGT-309 visualization showed an unexpected positive lymph node that the surgeon removed and subsequently confirmed as containing malignancy.


  • VGT-309 tumor visualization allowed for preservation of healthy tissue following prior lung cancer surgery.

  • VGT-309 imaging identified a colorectal cancer tumor that had metastasized to a patient’s lung, was not visible on PET and CT imaging, and the surgeon would have otherwise missed.

Phase 1 and and 2 Clinical Studies Have Yielded Compelling Data

Results suggest VGT-309 is safe and well-tolerated, and labels human lung tumors during resection surgeries.


Phase 2 multi-center safety and efficacy study for cancer in the lung (NCT06145048)


Phase 2 clinical study in lung cancer surgery ongoing (NCT05400226)

Phase 2 dose-ranging study in lung cancer surgery ongoing (ACTRN12621000301864)

Phase 1 clinical study for safety in healthy human volunteers completed (ACTRN12620000948998)


1. Scientific manuscript in preparation

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